A Message for Landlords

California is home to nearly 2 million Veterans, of which an estimated 19,000 are homeless. The Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino in collaboration with community based organizations throughout the county is currently developing a list of landlords interested in helping the Housing Authority and the local Loma Linda Veterans Administration (VA) to further the national presidential goal to end Veteran's homelessness by December 2015.

This initiative is supported in part by traditional Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) vouchers. Veteran participants pay approximately 30% of their net income and the voucher covers the remainder of the contract rent. Veterans receive extensive clinical and supportive services through the local Loma Linda VA to assist them with budgeting, employment opportunities and maintaining permanent housing. This is an extremely successful program with participants maintaining their housing over the long term.

The 'Veterans Supporting Landlord' list will be provided directly to recipients of the VASH vouchers listed above as well as being shared with identified community organizations working directly with and supporting veterans that are in receipt of other funds to support permanent housing or who have their own means but are receiving services to assist them to transition back into private market housing.

Please join us in helping further the national mission to end Veteran's homelessness. Become a "supportive landlord" by renting to supported Veterans. Fill out the form below and we will add you to a list of interested landlords and receive up to date information on the variety of programs that exist throughout the county to assist in the national mission.

For questions please contact Becky Murillo via email at vash@hacsb.com or via phone at (909) 890-5308.

Thank you ahead of time for your contribution to the success of this national mission!

"Those who have served this nation as a Veteran should never find themselves on the street, living without care and without hope."

-Secretary Shinseki, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Supporting A Local Veteran Form