New Construction

Public funding for new housing construction comes from a variety of federal, state and local sources and leverages substantial private funds to have a meaningful impact. This necessary mix of funding streams combined with the multitude of players means that building new affordable housing can be a very complex undertaking. HACSB has sought to relieve this complexity by utilizing an affiliate nonprofit-Housing Partners I-as a tool to streamline the development process for new housing construction.

The most recent example of this partnership is the 2010 completion of the 71 unit Vista Del Sol Senior Housing development in Redlands. HACSB/Housing Partners' successful development experience shows that our housing goals can be advanced by incorporating them in existing local programs aimed at achieving other community objectives (i.e. economic development). As a result, all new construction projects by HACSB will continue to build on the partnerships established over the years with a variety of state and local housing and redevelopment agencies to leverage scarce housing development funds.

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